Icebergs compared to other sizes

The International Iceberg Patrol has a home page on the web with information regarding the North Atlantic ocean icebergs especially.

Iceberg photographs by Marc Deneyer are available at The page is in both English and French. Iceberg photographs and some explanatory text are available from Ronald Kramer's page at

The sizes and locations of Antarctic icebergs are taken from (US) National Ice Center analyses of 30 November 1995, 4 April 1996,  19-23 May, 1997, and 10 July 1998. The data are from previous observations (dated on the tables). The current position of the icebergs will be different from that shown, possibly greatly different. Sizes are approximate, and the area approximation is particularly crude (it isn't even one of the fields the analysts compute. The area is computed assuming that the bergs are rectangular. They aren't, so don't rely on the areas for much except a relative sense of size.)

Between May, 1997 and July, 1998, we lost D-16 from the Amery basin, B-10B, B-12 and B-13 from the Ross Sea,  and gained A-36 and A-37 in the Weddell Sea, and C-13.   B-10A has shrunk substantially, though it is still quite large.  Largest berg currently is D-15, at about 6170 square km, roughly 2400 square miles.

The 1997 analysis changed to using the day of the year for dates. A-32 and C-5, present in November 1995, had disintegrated, melted, or were not findable in the 4 April 1996 analysis. Two new bergs, C-8 and D-10, are present in the 4 April 1996 analysis. 'Movement' is the change of location in latitude and longitude between the two analyses. Speeds are typically higher than this would suggest because the tracks tend to loop back on themselves.

 Last Modified 20 July 1998. Robert Grumbine

10 July 1998 Analysis - DMSP F-12, F-13, and F-14 data
Name     Last Obs'd    Lat   Lon    Size(Nm)  ~Area(km^2)
A-22A    1998-190     7623S 04457W  21x32       2300
A-22B    1998-186     7059S 04920W  13x38       1600
A-23A    1998-190     7606S 04058W  32x34       3725
A-23B    1998-177     6726S 05111W   9x11        340
A-27     1998-190     7621S 04243W   6x10        205
A-35     1998-190     7636S 03550W  16x19       1040
A-36     1998-179     7052S 05951W   7x14        340
A-37     1998-179     7050S 06024W   7x10        240
D-11     1998-128     6801S 03500E   9x48       1475
D-12     1998-186     6938S 01736E   9x22        680
D-14     1998-184     6930S 07500E   9x16        490
D-15     1998-116     6649S 08158E  34x53       6170
B-9A     1998-167     6456S 11531E  15x24       1240
B-9B     1998-184     6706S 14909E  16x45       2475
B-9C     1998-184     6522S 07112E   5x10        170
B-10A    1998-124     6721S 11055W  21x42       3025
C-8      1998-184     6710S 14656E  12x28       1150
C-9      1998-184     6705S 14637E   7x17        400
C-10     1998-093     6435S 09802E  17x29       1685
C-11     1998=093     6449S 09630E   4x21        285
C-12     1998-093     6439S 09709E   6x12        245

19-23 May 1997 Analysis - AVHRR Data Source except as noted

Name     Last Obs'd    Lat   Lon    Size(Nm)  ~Area(km^2) 
A-22A    1997-137     7629S 04457W  21x32       2300      
A-22B    1997-137     7536S 04145W  12x38       1560
A-23A    1997-137     7607S 04024W  32x34       3725
A-23B    1997-118     7535S 03719W   9x11        340
A-27     1997-118     7634S 04212W   6x10        205
A-35     1997-137     7521S 02948W  16x19       1040
D-11     1997-140     6636S 05948E   9x48       1475
D-12     1997-132     6533S 05518E  22x28       2100
D-13     1997-126     6630S 04848E   4x14        190
D-14     1997-097     6942S 07451E   9x16        490
D-15     1997-098     6649S 08158E  34x53       6170
D-16     1997-098     6606S 05754E   5x13        220
B-9B     1997-142     6706S 14909E  16x45       2460   DMSP F13 data
B-9C     1997-088     6509S 12803E   7x13        310
B-10A    1997-132     6736S 12942W  21x54       3880   DMSP F13 data
B-10B    1997-098     7127S 17303W   8x11        300
B-12     1997-070     7538S 16018W   2x13         90   DMSP F13 data
B-13     1997-090     7648S 15715W   5x16        275
C-8      1997-142     6709S 14652E  12x28       1150   DMSP F13
C-9      1997-142     6702S 14630E   7x17        400   DMSP F13
C-10     1997-064     6429S 09827E  17x29       1685   DMSP F13
C-11     1997-064     6449S 09630E   4x21        285   DMSP F13
C-12     1997-064     6639S 09709E   6x12        245   DMSP F13
C-13     1997-113     7403S 16849E   2x 5         35
4 April 1996 Analysis - DMSP F-13 Data Source
Name     Last Obs'd    Lat   Lon    Size(Nm)  ~Area(km^2) Movement
B-9A     28 Mar 1996  6532S 13241E  25x16                 0001N 0036W
B-9B     28 Mar 1996  6706S 14933E  51x18                 0001N 0003W
B-10A    27 Mar 1996  7122S 13052W  60x25                 0021N 0229W 
B-10B    27 Mar 1996  7338S 13449W  11x08                 0031S 0302W
C-8       4 Apr 1996  6710S 14652E  12x28     1152 
A-22A     4 Apr 1996  7628S 04411W  32x22                 0001S 0032E 
A-22B     4 Apr 1996  7527S 03919W  38x12                 0012N 0103E 
A-23A     4 Apr 1996  7613S 04030W  30x37                 0001N 0057E
A-23B     4 Apr 1996  7601S 03733W  11x09                 0003S 0104E 
A-27      4 Apr 1996  7631S 04239W  11x07                 0015N 0028E
D-10      7 Mar 1996  6905S 07500E  17x09      525
30 November 1995 Analysis
Name     Last Obs'd    Lat   Lon    Size(Nm)  ~Area(km^2)
B-9A     24 Nov 1995  6533S 13317E  25x15     1300 
B-9B     29 Nov 1995  6707S 14936E  51x18     3150 
B-10A    29 Nov 1995  7143S 12823W  68x27     6300
B-10B    29 Nov 1995  7307S 13147W   8x12      330
A-22A    22 Nov 1995  7627S 04443W  21x32     2300
A-22B    22 Nov 1995  7539S 04022W  38x14     1800
A-23A    22 Nov 1995  7614S 04133W  31x32     3400
A-23B    22 Nov 1995  7558S 03837W  10x15      310
A-27     22 Nov 1995  7646S 04307W  10x06      210
A-32A    28 Nov 1995  5830S 05115W  34x16     1900
C-5       6 Nov 1995  6608S 06123E  12x06      250
The 'A', 'B' (and other alphabetic characters can occur) denote that these are elements of the same original iceberg. B-9 originally contained both B-9A and B-9B (as well as significant area which has already fragmented in to pieces too small to track in the analysis) so the original size was over 4450 km^2. B10 was originally over 6600 km^2. A-32 is the iceberg which broke off the Larsen ice shelf in January- February 1995. While the Larsen berg was large, there were already several larger bergs in the Antarctic.

Country, State, Lake, and City sizes are from the 1988 Information Please Almanac. Please do send your additions for places/areas in the range of 100 to 10000 square kilometers (40 to 4000 square miles).

Swaziland        17200 km^2
Bahamas          13800 km^2
Gambia           11200 km^2
Lebanon          10300 km^2
Cyprus            9100 km^2
Luxembourg        2550 km^2
Singapore          575 km^2
Barbados           425 km^2
Malta              300 km^2

Titicaca          8135 km^2
Nicaragua         8001 km^2
Athabaska         7920 km^2
Eyre (Australia)  6216 km^2
Vanern (Sweden)   5545 km^2
Manitoba          4706 km^2
Lake Constance (Bodensee) - Germany, Austria, Switzerland
                   538 km^2
US States:
Maryland         25200 km^2
Connecticut      12500 km^2
Rhode Island      2700 km^2

US Cities:
Jacksonville      1945 km^2
Houston           1485 km^2
Chicago            585 km^2
Denver             285 km^2
Washington DC      175 km^2

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